Not a thin girl……Yet

The story of how a not so thin girl goes from 260 to 130 pounds!

View Progress Photos 08/01/2009

This page will be frequently updated with pictures of my progress.

(picture 1)This is at my highest weight 260 pounds. I don’t have any full body shots from that time. I also carry most of my weight in my midsection and lower body.

stomach progress(Picture 2)This picture shows the progress from the side from 240 to 197 pounds. There is a lot of change in my waist and in my lower body(butt, hips thighs). However my arms were still pretty big.

260to197(Picture 3) This picture shows a progress in my face, and somewhat of the upper body from 260 to 197 pounds.

Frontp(Picture 4) Shows a progression from the front. 212 pounds, 197 pounds, 185 pounds.

*All Photos are real and unaltered except for cropping and pasting in paint


6 Responses to “View Progress Photos”

  1. megan Says:

    you are looking great. i too am struggling to lose the extra weight but keep up the great work!

  2. No.7 Says:

    My god. You look greeeat!!!! I’m so happy for you.

  3. ninamarielove Says:

    This is really inspiring.

    I am glad to be checking in. I am doing well, I have not binged in two and a half weeks. New record for me. But now when is the weight going to start coming off? I feel like I have been eating really well, and have not lost any weight in these two and a half weeks. I weighed in at 175, but have got back up to 180.

    What is the name of the website you use to help track your progress?


  4. Dawn Dicks Says:

    I found your blog thru Spark People. WOW!!! What a transformation.

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