Not a thin girl……Yet

The story of how a not so thin girl goes from 260 to 130 pounds!

About Not a Thin Girl 07/30/2009

I’m 25 years old, 5’5″, and a mother of two. I am currently awaiting license to become a Registered Nurse. When I first started this blog I had recently lost 78 pounds, and I was currently working on losing another 52. Well long story short(you can search the blog for the long version) someone very close to me died suddenly of septic shock. I went through a really bad depression, took antidepressants and gained back to 210. So currently I am trying to get back down to my goal weight of 210. So if you want to read about the struggle to loose weight, and all the crazy stuff that goes on with it are in the right place.  Hopefully when I reach my goal I will have lost a total of 130 pounds. I am currently using diet and exercise as my means of losing weight.


3 Responses to “About Not a Thin Girl”

  1. ninamarielove Says:

    I’m about to check out Is it helpful? Thanks for your comment!

  2. lifeofbex Says:

    Ive seen you around livejournal. I think your blogs are great. They hit close to home. Hope you are having a great day, and keep up the great blogging. 🙂

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