Not a thin girl……Yet

The story of how a not so thin girl goes from 260 to 130 pounds!

Day 33: 52 to Brand New 09/02/2009

Finally an update about my weight and my progress!! Whoo this has been the month to end all months. I’ve been thrown curve balls left and right. You know that saying, “if it’s not one thing, then it’s the other”? Well if it’s not one thing, it’s about 3 more things that will try to throw you off track and send you heading in the opposite direction. My favorite quote, “Ever forward”! That’s what I’m trying to do, keep moving forward, getting up and keeping it moving. So I took my measurement and weight about 3 days ago but I am just getting around to posting it. For those that don’t know 52 to brand new is my challenge just to track how long it takes me to loose my last 52 pounds. So here is the information:

Day 33:

Highest weight: 260

Current Weight: 175

Pounds lost during 52 to brand new: 7

Total pounds lost: 85

Current measurements:

Waist: 34.5 (1 inch difference)

Muffin top waist: 39 (.5 inch difference)

Thighs: 25 (1.6 difference)

Arms: 13 (.7 difference)

hips:  40 (3 inch difference)

Under breast : 32 (1 inch difference)

Chest : 35 (same)

Neck : 13 (1 inch difference)

Total inches lost during 52 to brand new: 8.8

Highest BMI: 43.3 Obese class 3, Morbid Obese

52 to brand new start BMI: 30.3, Obese class 1

Current BMI: 29.1, Over weight

Reflections for month: Didn’t really work out like I should have, even before the emergency surgery. Right now I am on restriction for about 2 more weeks. I’m not supposed to do strenuous movements or lift over 10 pounds. My Doctor told me to remember that I have had major abdominal surgery. My diet has also been hit and miss. I was doing good food wise before a lot of the drama. However for the last 2 weeks of this month it’s been pretty hit and miss. Having two servings of ice cream a day is not good for you even if it is diet ice cream (during the first 2 weeks). So even though I lost 7 pounds this month, it could have been much better with more exercise and a better diet. Some high notes are that I wore my first pair of size 10 pants to clinical, with a white shirt tucked in! I can’t even remember the last time I have been this small so that was encouraging. I really really really need to get back to exercising. My stomach which looked pretty big before, looks even worse now. I’m sure that is due to the surgery and now infected sutures post surgery. But if you have visited my sparkpage and seen my stomach shots, just image a body looking even more crazily proportioned. I’ve lost the most inches on my hips this month.  I can’t wait to really start losing my tummy! After surgery I was joking with my doctor. I asked her why when she was in there removing a base ball sized cyst did she not just go ahead and give me a tummy tuck. That would have been nice. So my new goals for the next 30 days:

Eat better (more veggies)

Get at least 8hrs of sleep

Slowly get back into working out

Hopefully start dropping some inches on my stomach!


3 Responses to “Day 33: 52 to Brand New”

  1. Mary Says:

    Yay!! Good work for this month!! 🙂 And I love how you did the reflections at the end. It’s kinda like what’s working and what’s not working. Great idea!!

  2. ninamarielove Says:

    Hey girl!

    I came to your blog to see how your doing, but you haven’t posted anything new!

    I’m about to go to sparkpeople and set up an account…I’ve still been gaining weight and having trouble with bingeing. I’ve just come home after a month away and am hoping to really focus in on recovery.

    You’re an inspiration!

  3. ninamarielove Says:


    I signed up for Sparkpeople~
    what’s your username there?

    Mine is MsNinaLove

    have a good day!

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